Happy Planet – Award Winning Community Business 2018

This Video is from 2018 when Happy Planet won the North Tyneside Business of the Month

Transcription below video

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The shops been open for just over two years now, and we really have two reasons for being:-

  1. One is to help aspiring local artists, to sell the work, and the other is
  2. to encourage people from the community, to embrace their own creativity and come and try workshops with us. 

We have 19 artists(26 Now) who exhibit and sell within the shop, including myself, and that gives us a really good range of products, and it’s lovely to know that most of this is made very locally, as in two streets away, or even in my case, in the shop while you’re here. 

Our name Happy Planet comes from the central ethic of ‘no harm to people or planet in the name of profit’.

We only really sell Fairtrade and handmade products and what you see in here, is the only place you can see it, and that’s the difference. 

We’re now an award-winning business, which has been amazing, we have lovely customers and were getting customers from further and further afield. 

If you’re looking for something different, something unique, then I thoroughly recommend a visit. 

I’m sure you won’t to be disappointed, but if you are you can tell me why.

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