Effective Sunday 18th July 2021

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18/07/2021 COVID UPDATE:

Masks required in shop, only 2 customers at a time, hand sanitiser available

I am asking that all customers continue to respect our Covid-19 safety policy below which is due to the size of Happy Planet and the importance of keeping both staff and visitors safe.

So here we are approaching the alleged ‘freedom day’, a shameful name in my opinion and I am not fooled by it’s spin factor. I am annoyed as both a business owner and individual that whole sections of our community and society are being put at risk by this political decision and am not afraid to state it.

The rates locally are high and have been rising steadily, as I do check the local information each week via the North Tyneside website. Until I see those numbers dropping significantly I will still require masks to be worn in the shop, hand sanitiser will still be available near the door and the number of customers limited to two to enable social distancing. It may not be the law from tomorrow but in my mind it is the responsible option for my customers, staff and myself.

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