Felt Derek Sniffler


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Welcome to the happy world of Snifflers, creatures unique to Happy Planet. They like gardens and plant pots and spend their days sniffing flowers and singing to bees. They are friendly trusting little souls, often found waving and while holding flowers and hearts. Each one is individually needle felted and they are all unique in some way. They come in a range of sizes and colours and commissions can be requested. The terracotta pots make it easy for you to add a message or name with a sharpie, if you wish to personalise them as a gift.

Derek is a bit sad as he doesn’t have a flower to share his flower pot with, so he could do with a friendly forever home, perhaps near a vase or a house plant.

Please note the flowers are not included in the price of this listing but are available separately in the felt flower section.

Height is approx 13 cm tall and 9 cm wide

Please note that Snifflers are made as decorative items and are not meant as toys. They are unsuitable for children aged three or under due to small parts