Felt Goldfish


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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 cm


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Felt Goldfish

Did you know that goldfish are a member of the carp family and were originally silver, until the Chinese started to breed them over 1,500 years ago. The yellow and gold ones were deemed auspicious as those colours were for emperors or the royal court and so began the trend. Our little goldfish are not made for palaces, more the modern home, where they can brighten and amuse. They look particularly fun suspended in an empty jar with some shells and sea-glass in the base to make a mock aquarium. Handmade entirely from wool they can stand on their fins or be hung using the attached loop.

size approx 8cm x 8cm

Please note the fish are not meant as toys, but as decorative items and therefore unsuitable for very young children