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The Lady of Shalott is alive and kicking in Whitley Bay

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At a previous meeting we had a short discussion around how we can all be a little reticent to read longer poems, which is a bit of a shame as there are some fabulous poems long enough to lose oneself in. Joyce and Tessa took the challenge up and met to acquaint themselves with the delights of Tennyson’s ‘Lady of Shalott’, what a treat.  Arthurian legend swept through Whitley Bay library like never before and it was no mean feat to follow it, but follow it we did with more gems.
The Lady of Shalott – Tennyson
Suffragette – Kim Moore
Prayer – Carol Ann Duffy
A Collector – Erich Fried tr Stuart Hood

Just Yesterday – Terry Clarke

Geordie Love Songs

Little or Nothing – Sylvia Plath

Geordie Gets Vexed – Geordie Broon of Backworth

Farewell – Anne Bronte
Let me not to the marriage of true minds – Shakespeare
Anabel Lee – Edgar Allan Poe
Men on Allotments – UA Fanthorpe
To the Warmongers – Siegfried Sassoon
Engineers’ Corner – Wendy Cope
Sepulchral – Rudyard Kipling
Martha’s Illness – Geordie Broon
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