Lock Down Newsletter – Again

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Hi everyone

Well this is the newsletter I hoped I wouldn’t have to write, but here we are again, locked down until early December. I know it’s frustrating having met many of you in the last week but let’s hope we see the positive change we need at the end of this period.

I’d like to thank everyone who did visit this week, whether during our regular hours or those who took advantage of the safe shopping slots arranged in the evenings. Rest assured if I can reinstate these at a future date I will.

We maybe closed in the traditional sense but still operating online offering both postal and click and collect options. We are offering three click and collects slots which are: Saturday 10am to 2pm, Tuesday 4pm to 6pm and Thursday 10am to 2pm. We complete the orders quickly and you will be able to collect at the first available slot after your order. If you wish to check your order is ready or have any queries please don’t hesitate to text me on 07752356880.

Our exclusive Whitley Bay Day and Night Christmas cards have sold out but I expect to have a new stock of them in approx two weeks. We should by then also have the hand printed T towels too, which are rather lovely, so you might want to keep an eye out for them.

If you are coming to collect an order you don’t need to bring your receipt or print anything, just give Geoff or myself you surname, as all of your orders are named in the shop.

The website only shows items in stock, so if you can’t find what you were looking for it may be that we have sold out. I am working as quickly as I can to replace some items, as are other artists. If you would like to know if something is due in please just text for an update.

We have been asked about gift vouchers recently and yes we do have them. They are available online in a range of denominations.

Finally the creative group I wanted to create on Facebook is now live.
There is not yet a great deal in it due to my attentions having had to be pulled into all the changes necessary for lock down. However as of yesterday morning I think I have things under control so will now be adding items, which will include a weekly creative challenge and lots of ideas for you to try at home. Elaine Maugham, who is a holistic therapist and director of Happy Planet will be making regular posts on a Monday, to help with well being and positivity. You are also invited to share how you have been using your own creativity, in whatever form that takes. I want the group to be supportive, rather than one that seeks excellence or a space to sell. It is a safe space to enjoy and explore and I hope you will join me there while we can’t hold workshops.

Stay well and safe

Gail Curry


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