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  • daisy coffee cup

    Bamboo Travel Mug


    With a name like Happy Planet, you won’t be surprised to know we love eco-friendly products, so when bamboo cups became popular we looked for a make that would be good for the environment and easy on your pocket. We have been selling these for almost 18 months and they have been consistently popular as they tick both boxes and are dishwasher safe. They have a silicone lid with a drinking gap and a silicone holder to ensure you can hold a hot drink safely and are capable of holding 400ml of your favourite brew. They are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit your personality or help you stand out in the coffee shop crowd perhaps.

    Size: Approx 14cm x 9cm

  • Felt Green Man


    Felt Green Man To accompany our British wildlife here is the ancient green man, symbol of growth and rebirth, who is often seen and associated with woodlands, as a guardian of the environment. Handmade from layers of lovely wool felt leaves, our green man smiles on those who value the environment and he can happily…

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  • Our amazing Planet Quiz


    Our amazing Planet Quiz Packed into a handy sized tin ‘our amazing planet’ is a fun quiz game where a roll of the dice dictates the questions from a bank of 600 on nature and conservation, animals, plants and environmental issues. Suitable for two or more players and recommended for ages 12+, it all packs…

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