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  • farm finger puppets

    Felt Finger Puppets – Farm


    Hand felted finger puppets.

    Our hand felted finger puppets are made with 100% wool. These began as a way to use up off-cuts from larger items but such is their popularity now they are a product in their own right and we now have a range of 30 different types. They are split into different categories so you can see the different types easily.

    Types: Brown Horse, Chicken, Cow, Donkey, Goat, Grey Horse, Pig, Sheep

  • Felt sleeping Owl


    Felt sleeping Owl Here is our very wise but tired sleeping owl, in grey and white, handmade from lovely soft wool. He could hang in a large house plant or maybe guard your Harry Potter books from dementors, then again you might just know someone who likes owls. size approx 10cm x 5cm

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  • koala brooch

    Koala Bear Brooch


    Our Koala brooch is handmade from lovely soft wool in a natural grey, with details in black and white and cheeky touch of pink. It is the perfect gift to brighten up someone’s day and their jacket, bag or hat.

    Measures approx 10cm wide

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  • cat brooch

    Cat Brooch


    Our cat brooch is needle felted from lovely soft wool in natural grey, with details stitched in black. It is the perfect gift to brighten up someone’s day and their jacket, bag or hat.

    Measures approx 7 cm wide

    Only 3 left in stock!
  • blue tit brooch

    Felt Blue Tit Brooch


    Our blue tit brooch is handmade, needle felted individually, with details in black, white, lemon and green with a glass bead eye. It is the perfect gift to brighten up someone’s day and their jacket, bag or hat.

    Measures approx 8 cm wide

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  • Sheep-brooch

    Felt Sheep Brooch


    Our brooches are handmade from lovely natural wool, and we offer a white sheep and a dark grey sheep. They perfect gift to brighten up someones day and their jacket, bag or hat and will help to separate you from the rest of the herd.

    Measures approx 7 cm tall

    Options: grey or white

  • Felt Grey Bunny


    Felt Grey Bunny Little grey bunny is looking for a new home to sit quietly or hang out with a friendly owner. He is partial to the odd carrot and if he goes missing at any point the first place to look is the garden or fridge. He is needle felted from pure wool, with…

    5 left in stock!
  • Natural Place Mats & Coasters


    Natural Place Mats & Coasters These lovely handmade table mats and coasters are hand made from naturally coloured wools from rare breeds, in a range of grey and browns. The wool is rolled into balls, felted and then when dry they are stitched together. The coasters are tied into sets of 4 with ribbon making…

  • fused glass cats

    Fused Glass Cat


    Fused glass is made by using heat to join or fuse the various elements of a piece together, whether it be tiny frit crystals or larger pieces of glass. All of our fused glass is handmade by a selection of makers. If there is more than one item of any particular design there will be tiny variations due to the handmade process, which means every piece is unique.

    Here we have a contemporary styled sitting cat available in two different colourways

    Each is approx 21 cm tall and 8 cm wide