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  • pink dress brooch

    Felt Pink dress brooch


    Felt jewellery has two great qualities, being both colourful and very light to wear. This brooch is made from handmade from beautiful wool felt and then hand embroidered details are added in red. A simple brooch fitting with a safety catch is then added. They make stylish gifts to brighten up a day, jumper or coat.

    size: approx 6 cm tall 5 cm wide

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  • flying pig

    Felt Flying Pig


    What do you give as a gift to the person who has everything? Well a little flying pig might surprise and delight them. Our little porker is hand made, needle felted from pure wool, with glass eyes and very curly wired pink tail. He is free standing at approximately 7 cm tall and 10 cm long, although also comes with a hanging loop, should conditions require its use to keep him in flight somewhere.

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  • white mirror brooch

    Felt White Mirrored Brooch


    Our hand stitched brooches are all original and unique, as they are all one of a kind. This one features a tiny mirror surrounded in pink, with a complimentary blue and silver design on a white fabric background. The brooch is supplied in a small white gift box.

    Measures approx 4 cm wide

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  • pink floral brooch

    Felt Pink Floral Brooch


    Our hand stitched brooches are all original and unique, as they are all one of a kind. This one features a a floral design in turquoise, red and pink , with tiny glass seed beads on a pink fabric background. The brooch is supplied in a small white gift box.

    Measures approx 4 cm wide


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  • blue plaits pink fairy

    Felt Large Fairies with Plaits


    This large sized group are all hand made with beautiful 100% wool felt and finished with embroidery to the their dresses and their long hair is plaited, while their wings and boots are in matching colours. They are perfect little play pals or will just bring a bit of colour and joy to a room, as they do have a hanging loop attached.

    approx 22 cm tall

    Colour Options: purple dress, green dress, pink dress

  • Spring flower posy


    Spring flower posy Our popular handmade felt flowers have a new spring inspired posy of five flowers that were inspired by the crocus but made on a larger scale. Each of the five flowers is made with pure wool and is given a contrasting coloured highlight to the petals before the stamen is added to…

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  • dinosaur family

    Felt Larger Dinosaurs


    Our large felt brontosaurus dinosaurs are the roughest toughest toys you will find. Although they are made from pure wool and created using only friction and soapy water you can’t pull them apart – trust me I have tried. However, as tough as they are they are also soft to touch for little hands and love playing all sorts of games and cuddles. If they get dirty on their adventures you can hand wash them and just let them dry naturally, they will be good as new. they come in two colours green with a hint of yellow and pink with a hint of purple. Each one is handmade separately so there will be slight differences from the illustration. (Please note the egg is just for illustration and the small dinosaurs are listed elsewhere.)

    length from nose to tail is approx 50 cm, height of body is approx 28 cm

  • Waterfall Pink Wind Chime


    Waterfall Pink Wind Chime These handmade wind chimes look great but sound even better making a gentle tinkling sound as they moved in the breeze. They make great gifts for anyone who enjoys their own outdoor space, although some customers do hang them indoors too. The glass is recycled and sand blasted to give a…

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  • pink rosette hare

    Felt Pink – Hare Heads


    Our hand felted Hare heads have been a popular fun but practical item since they arrived in the the shop. Each one is unique and fixed to a wooden plinth to allow it to be mounted on the wall. Additionally each one has a brass effect hook fitted so that they can be used practically, with the most popular use being to hang up dog leads.

    This hare has a dark floral ribbon necklace and a pink rosette trimmed with pearls.

    Height is approx 24 cm tall and 13 cm wide


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  • multi coloured flower garland 2

    Felt flower garland


    The flower garland is handmade from pure wool with twenty flower heads in a range of bright cheerful colours on a traditional green stem. Each flower measures approx 10 cm in diameter. They are relatively lightweight so can be used to decorate a mirror or screen as can be seen in the photos here, or in our shop. The garland can be hand washed and dried naturally, as you would treat wool.

    The overall length of this item is approx 160 cm.