What is Communi-Tea

The concept behind Communi-Tea is that we welcome our local community into our Happy Planet Creative Arts space. During normal times many people are often popping in for a cuppa. But obviously with COVID-19 and the second National Lockdown, this is very difficult nay impossible at the moment.

We can’t wait to get back into welcoming our local community back in.

In the meantime you may not know about our special Safe Exclusive Shopping events? during November and December 2020.

Currently our community, members and supporters cannot browse our Arts & Crafts products and materials, in person, while having a cuppa and a chat as per normal. The main alternative we do now have, is an online shop and a Xmas shop. We offer click and collect or delivery to both our local and national friends, as well as some international supporters. We also offer gift vouchers.

Meet your Communi-Tea Team

Art for Well Being and Mental Health

We are in the process of setting up a Community Group, bringing our Communi-Tea back together for now on Facebook.  All of the team will be admins and we are planning what each will bring to the group to support the well being of this new community group.

Happy Planet Creativity Community – A safe place to Play, Learn, Share creative ideas

Coming Soon

 We are currently planning for post Covid-19. What type of workshops would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts via our contact page. We are planning for the future…

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