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Making Connections, Making Communitea

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The bit I love about being an artist is the creative stuff, the bit I struggle with is the admin, I do it but there’s no joy in it and there has been a fair bit to do lately. However, I have finished the major admin tasks now and so can get back to being creative. Yehah!

Lovely Geoff has ironed out the photo gremlins that were munching our photos, so fingers crossed we should now display crystal clear pictures. This is particularly good news for our online shop, as we would love to make as much ‘Happy Planet’ loveliness available to people who can’t visit and join our friendly creative community.

Speaking of community, or in our case #communitea, we now have our fully operational community teapot, commissioned from local potter Simon Maskell. The point of having the teapot is to  invite the community to join us for a cup of tea, browse at their leisure, as there is a very wide range of beautiful handmade gifts, as well as locally published books to browse, which makes us unique and not just in Whitley Bay.

I will endeavour to write a blog each week about what has been happening in the gallery as well as other activities we are involved in such as our poetry groups, or creative workshops. If you would like to know about any of those activities you can find them on this website, but if you have questions you can pop in and ask them in the gallery or connect with us via social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we’d love to hear from you and see what you do.


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