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  • Rough & Tumble Dinosaurs

    Felt Brontosaurus Family


    Felt Brontosaurus Family

    These fun loving dinosaurs are made with a 100% wool and are as tough as old boots and safe as houses. They are made using a wet felted technique and no matter how tough the going gets they can’t break or fall apart ( trust me we have tried). If they get dirty while out on adventures you can even wash them by hand. Just don’t tumble dry them, it leads to shrinking extinction!

    Adult measures approx 36cm from nose to tail and is approx 15 cm tall at the head. Juniors measure approx 18 cm by 10cm

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    Felt Larger Dinosaurs


    Our large felt brontosaurus dinosaurs are the roughest toughest toys you will find. Although they are made from pure wool and created using only friction and soapy water you can’t pull them apart – trust me I have tried. However, as tough as they are they are also soft to touch for little hands and love playing all sorts of games and cuddles. If they get dirty on their adventures you can hand wash them and just let them dry naturally, they will be good as new. they come in two colours green with a hint of yellow and pink with a hint of purple. Each one is handmade separately so there will be slight differences from the illustration. (Please note the egg is just for illustration and the small dinosaurs are listed elsewhere.)

    length from nose to tail is approx 50 cm, height of body is approx 28 cm