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  • new fabric soaps 1

    Fabric Wrapped Soap


    These charming rose, lavender and milk soaps are handmade and then wrapped in pretty floral cotton wraps. They are fabulous to drop in a drawer among of place in a wardrobe to keep your clothes smelling fresh just as they are. However, you can of course unwrap them and use them in the traditional way to freshen up yourself in the bath or shower.

    size: 8cm x 3.5 cm

  • felted soaps in bags

    Felt Soap


    Our hand felted soaps are one of our best selling items which customers buy again and again, as they give the gift of luxury that won’t break the bank. We start with bar of vegan approved glycerin soap, which is handmade by Suma in Yorkshire. Then wrap it in a several layers of the finest Merino wool and silk before felting and sealing it around the soap. This gives you a natural but very effective luxury exfoliant as you use the soap. Over time the as the soap shrinks, so does the felt. We have the following varieties:

    • White Lavender, which is a calming stress relieving soap with antibacterial properties
    • Rose & Geranium which is a gentle relaxing soap to hydrate and pamper
    • Grapefruit and Aloe Vera is rich and uplifting soap that helps to look after oily skin
    • Hemp Oil & Vitamin E is a deeply cleaning and enriching bar with no discernible scent

    Each soap is supplied in an organza gift bag complete with a label listing the ingredients. The ingredients of each soap can be found by clicking on the soap type in full description below

    As these soaps are hand made and the stock is moving quickly they are listed by soap type and not colour of the felt. If you have a preference for colour please put it in the notes box at checkout and we will do our best to supply but can’t promise.

    The soaps measure approx 9cm across.


  • animal soap and facecloths 1

    Animal Menagerie Tin


    Animal Menagerie Tin

    These fun menagerie tins come in a variety of 6 colours and animals. Each one contains a pure cotton facecloth and an animal soap to match the animal on the tin. They are perfect to encourage little ones to wash their hands, or big people too. When you have finished washing you have a fun tin to keep special things in, so nothing goes to waste.

    8cm by 8 cm

  • motorcycle soap 1

    Motorcycle Soap & Model Garage


    Motorcycle Soap & Model Garage

    This a really fun item for the motorcyclist in your life, be they young or old. Inside this beautifully crafted model garage, printed inside and out, which you can colour in, are two perfect little vintage soap motorbikes. What’s not to love? It’s pretty on its own and may never get used, but it might just keep those dirty biker hands clean too.

    13 x 8 x 5 cm

    Only 3 left in stock!