Felted Ball Garland Workshop


My felted ball garlands are always popular, especially at Christmas but I only make a standard length. So I thought why not offer a workshop where you can make your own and pay by the metre, that way you get to do something fun and creative and it will definitely fit where you want it to. The beauty of this Christmas workshop is that it will also help a wonderful women’s cooperative in Nepal, as I have asked them to make the felt balls for me this year, so they can provide education for their children.

All materials and tuition is included, as well as refreshment to keep your energy levels up. The cost is £10  for the first metre, £7 for each metre after that. If you can’t complete your chosen length in the two hour time frame, you will be furnished with the materials you need to complete it at home. A £10 deposit is required to book you place, if you make more than 1 metre that will be charged at the end of the actual workshop. Sunday bookings are 5pm to 7pm. Other days are 7pm – 9pm.

If you wish to book for a group larger than four please contact Gail via email gail@happyplanetcreativearts.org.uk or call into Happy Planet

Dates: Thurs 21 Nov, Sun 24th Nov, Fri 6th Dec, Fri 13th Dec

4 places per date

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Sun 27th Oct, Thurs 21 Nov, Sun 24th Nov, Fri 6th Dec, Fri 13th Dec


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