Was an exhibition of creative reflections on #lockdown

A community exhibition of creative reflections of #lockdown

The exhibition started on Sunday 1st August and ran until Tuesday 24th August 2021.
The opening times were 10am to 4pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays throughout that period. 
Bank Studios are located in the old Nat West Bank within the Beacon Centre in North Shields.
Entry was free, social distancing was observed and visitors were asked to wear a mask.

As an artist I used my creativity to help me manage my mental health, as well as to create items that helped me to reflect on the time I spent alone in lock down.  I chose to create a series of clocks to represent my experience of lock down.

Some of the time was easy to enjoy, a lot of it was not. I began to think of others experiences and how they might represent their lock down. Given that I don’t have speech, conversations can be very tricky things, so I have decided instead of trying to use speech and technology, we should use the universal language of art to share our experience of lock down in North Tyneside. I therefore invited the community to submit their own creative work to join mine in this exhibition and selected 35 works to join my own. 

The age range of exhibitors ranges from 5yrs to 92yrs, as well as representing both men and women, all geographical areas of North Tyneside, as a well as many forms of creativity.