Happy Planet Christmas 2020

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Finally after a year like no other in my lifetime we are down to the last week before the long awaited arrival of Christmas. Although having said that it will not be the Christmas many would choose given the still clear and present danger of Covid.

It’s been lovely to re-connect with many of you over the last month, to see real people and have albeit brief conversations, instead of staring at faceless online orders. The latter is not my idea of fun at all, but it has been the method that has allowed Happy Planet to survive this year and for that I am thankful.

Your continued support whether in person or through ordering online has been invaluable and you have my sincere thanks for every single purchase no matter the value. I really do believe I have the best customers as you keep me going with your kind words and comments when I am struggling.

The sea themed Christmas decorations have all sold out, which is fantastic and means I have donated, on our combined behalf, £125 to the British Divers Marine Life Rescue seal hospital at Tynemouth. This means that seal pups like this one rescued in Northumberland have a chance to be nursed back to health before being released back into the wild.

The best selling item of the year has been….. felt sprouts which also sold out, all 96 of them…. I don’t wish to see any for a while, felt or otherwise. Christmas guinea pigs were a close second, with over 80 finding new homes and again selling out.

For anyone who may still require a last minute item, the shop is open 9 – 5 Tuesday and Wednesday this week and 9 – 2 on Christmas Eve.

I am taking an extended break over Christmas and into the New Year, as I have had to focus my energy and attention in the business this year. It’s been very draining given all the restrictions I have had to work under and I need to turn my attention to myself and attempting to regain my speech. To do that I need rest and calm, something I won’t get unless I take it.

The plan currently, although Covid could well intervene, is that the shop and website will close on Christmas Eve and will reopen on Saturday the 9th January with Geoff operating limited hours, for both the shop and click and collect. The temporary hours will be placed on the websitesocial media and shop window in the New Year when hopefully there will be a clear picture to base them on. Regardless of that I will not return to the shop until February.

While I am away I will be displaying some of my paintings from first lock down, which form my online exhibition #justanotherday which continues on my own artists website. January marks three years since the attack that is responsible for my lack of speech. It doesn’t get any easier, it has become more frustrating with time.

I wish you all a peaceful and safe Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Gail Curry


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